Different Types of Lingerie Wear

Lingerie wear is sexy outfits worn by women for purposes of sexual appeal. There is a wide variety of lingerie wear available in the market. Each type of these sexy lingerie lays emphasis on different sexy parts of a woman. The outfits are made from comfortable, quality material to ensure that you enjoy your sleep while still looking sexy. Different types of lingerie are described in this article.


Also referred to as a Camiknicker or a Body, the teddy is more like a body suit. The sexy lingerie combines both a camisole and pants into one piece. The teddy designs come in bare back designs to show off your back, body briefs, sleep teddy, fashion top teddies and sleep teddy. The teddy outfit was first coined in the 1920 and became popular in the 2nd world war.


The chemise, also referred to as a shift or a smock, is an undergarment worn tight and close to the skin. It is mainly worn to keep the clothes from getting sweat and body oils. When worn as lingerie for sexual appeal, the gear is designed to look more expressive. It resembles a sleeveless night shirt. The outfit falls from the shoulders downwards to the upper thighs and it lies loosely over the waist line. These outfits are normally made from silk to this give the dressing the free flowing sexy look.


A thong is a sexy lingerie either worn as an undergarment or as a swimsuit piece. The thong is more of a panty with a slim fit that exposes most of the buttocks and loin area. There are different types of thongs available in the market. These include the most common referred to as a G-string. The G-string has thin string like traps that hold the panty front across the back. Other types of thongs include T back thong, V string thong, C string thong, Cheeky thong and the sling thong. There are also men thongs now available in the market. Thongs have drawn a lot of controversies and criticism especially when worn as a swim suit piece. Many fashion house designers have received excessive criticism for indecently exposing women through the excessively exposure swim suit thong. However, when worn as a nightwear for sexual appeal, the thing is definitely most acceptable.


The camisole is more of an undergarment worn by women and it fits to the waist. The sexy lingerie is usually a loosely fitted sleeveless top. It is shorter than the chemise. It is held up by spaghetti straps and is usually made of cotton, nylon or satin. The outfit covers the torso and the chest region. It is usually cut low to expose the curvature. You can get a brightly colored camisole as a sleep lingerie.

Blanket Sleepers

The blanket sleepers is more of a winter sleeping lingerie. It is a one piece long blanket like covering the only leaves the hands and head exposed. When correctly worn, the outfit can be very sexy and can enable you maintain your beautiful look even in the cold weather.